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  • IBC/OSHPD Equipment Seismic Certification
  • OSP Pre-approval Submittal
  • Seismic Restraints
  • Shake Table Testing
  • Seismic Anchor Calculation
  • Finite Element & CAD Design
  • Construction Support
  • Seismic Bracing Layout
OSHPD OSP IBC Seismic Certification Finite Element Analysis Shake Table testing Structural Engineering California Engineer Seismic Engineer
OSHPD OSP IBC Seismic Certification Finite Element Analysis Shake Table testing Structural Engineering California Engineer Seismic Engineer

As OSHPD OSP specialists, our goal is to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients based on exceptional design and cost-effective solutions that meet our client’s needs.

We take all necessary measures to ensure a project’s success by striving to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. All our engineers are board-certified and credentialed so we can apply the necessary expertise to ensure your project is completed on time and to the highest professional standards. Our engineers are highly knowledgeable of the International Building Code, IBC Certification, OSHPD Code Application Notice California Building Code, ICC-ES AC156, ASCE Standard 7. Please contact us if you have questions. 
Our Services 

We have been providing structural and civil engineering consulting services to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike since 2005. We are also manufacturer representatives and distributors of vibration isolation and seismic restraints products and are looking to expand the manufacturer's we represent to include Genset and HVAC equipment. We have worked with multiple OEMs as well as general construction contractors, HVAC and electrical subcontractors. We also have mechanical engineer specialists who are experts in finite element analysis and electrical engineers who specialize in acoustical engineering. Whatever your engineering needs may require, remember to contact Panache Engineering for a comprehensive consultation and excellent service. 
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Since 2005, we have provided exceptional service(including OSHPD OSP/OPA Seismic Certification) to a variety of clients in the public and private sectors, including hospitals, electric and gas utilities, schools, and manufacturing facilities. Equipment we certified.
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Seismic Qualification of Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Preapproval
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