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The importance of being OSHPD approved
The purpose of OSHPD/IBC certification & preapproval is to ensure that hospitals & other “critical care units” in California will be able to continue functioning during and after an earthquake. The program covers all essential parts of a healthcare facility, including the building itself and its power systems, in addition to electrical, mechanical and diagnostic equipment. When hospital owners and general contractors or subcontractors buy equipment for hospitals, they can choose from a variety of manufacturers. If a piece of equipment has not been tested and received OSHPD OSP pre-approval before construction begins, deferred approval will be necessary until the qualification is obtained, and projects will be delayed which translates into added project costs. However, if a manufacturer has already put their equipment through shake table testing, delays can be avoided and clients will opt to use that manufacturer’s OSHPD OSP Certified equipment for a more efficient and less costly project experience. For energized equipment (i.e. equipments which are motorized such as gensets, pumps, ac units, etc.), the only way to receive OSHPD OSP Pre-approval as well as seismic certification is through shake table testing(we have a partnership with Garwood Laboratories which performs the shake table tests) followed by a report of testing results analysis being prepared by a licensed structural engineer.

Following is a list of equipment and components requiring special seismic certification

We can also provide seismic certication for non-energized equipment(i.e. Tanks)through Analysis or Experience Data rather than Shake Table testing by using ANSYS software which can perform finite element analysis. However, shake table testing is still required even for non-energized equipment to get OSP Pre-approval.
IBC Certification OSHPD
OSHPD IBC Seismic Certification testing
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IBC Certification Importance

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