Acoustic Engineering Consultancy

1- Acoustic design of auditoria and their interior frequency dependent acoustic lining [reflectors, diffusers and absorbers].
2- Design of different acoustic studios, especially, the interior frequency dependent acoustic lining.
3- Treatment of acoustic defects (air- and structure- borne noise) in buildings4- Measurement and evaluation of acoustical properties of auditoria and studios.
5- Design of electro-acoustical reinforcement systems in auditoria and public address systems.
6- Measurement of electro-acoustical performance of sound reinforcement systems in auditoria, airports and railway stations, etc. and evaluation of their functions.
7- Treatments of all noise defects in existing buildings, such as absence and/or lack of privacy and sound transmission by all means in buildings.
8- Design of sound insulation in buildings and factories
9- Assessment of all harms affecting people by industrial and/or environmental noise pollution. 
10- Elimination and control of industrial and environmental outdoor noise. 
11- Control and/or elimination of outdoor noise created by traffic, buildings construction and industry.12- Sound and vibration insulation and noise mitigation of different air-conditioning systems in buildings.
13- Field and laboratory sound insulation measurements and evaluation of sound insulation of walls, ceilings, floors, soundproof partitions, doors and windows. 
14- Design and fabrication of soundproof light weight partitions and doors (wooden or metallic) for different STC or STL ranging from 20 to 60 dB.
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