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We distribute The VMC Group's, TOLCO's and other company’s products (learn more about which company's products we distribute). All vibration isolation and seismic restraints products that we distribute come with seismic calculation packages with PE Stamps included if needed. Being that our location is in Southern California, one of the most seismically active regions on earth, the products we have distributed have on multiple occasion gone through seismic events. This is why our products go through the most rigorous shake table testing and analyses, allowing us to constantly enhance their products to better seismically restrain mechanical and electrical equipment, piping, ductwork and conduits. When it comes to seismic restraint and IBC certification, the products we distribute are specified by consultants and architects in the US and throughout the world.

Moreover, when schedules matter, we offer a competitive advantage you can count on. As OSHPD OSP specialists, we provide a stocking program of MSS Isolators which will enable our clients to provide products from their stock for immediate shipment to the jobsites, packaged with equipment at our client's facility and delivered in one shipment. Once initiated, we can monitor the stock levels and restock according to our clients’ requirements and desires, and make sure they always have a broad range of load capacity available for their equipment and machinery.

You will find that our engineers take great pride in both the reliability of their services, and the quality of the products we help distribute.
   Our Products
  • Vibration Isolators & Seismic Restraints
  • Seismic cables and rigid bracing for Pipe and Ductwork support
  • Vibration steel bases and structural steel roof curbs
  • Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our products.

Vibration Isolation Testing
Latest News

We have just finished attending a shake table testing for a Genset developed by Cummins Power Generation. Our Professional Engineer conducted OSHPD Genset Seismic Certification spring isolators.

Learn more and take a look at the Video of the Shake Table Testing
Vibration Isolation Services
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Vibration Isolation Testing

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